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side a:
1. cursive - sink to the beat
2. milemarker - new lexicon
3. the paper chase - ready, willing, cain and able
4. the dead weather - treat me like your mother
5. cursive - bad science
6. bad religion - shades of truth
7. the paper chase - these things happen
8. ladyfinger (ne) - little things
9. the misfits - skulls
10. the kills - you don't own the road
11. cursive - butcher the song
12. the paper chase - the kids will grow up to be assholes

side b:
1. the kills - future starts slow
2. ladyfinger (ne) - smuggler
3. cursive - rise up! rise up!
4. the paper chase - the common cold
5. the dead weather - die by the drop
6. cursive - flag and family
7. muse - exo-politics
8. bad religion - no substance
9. garbage - queer
10. the misfits - we are 138
11. the paper chase - apple pies and alibis
12. cursive - a gentleman caller
13. the dead weather - hang you from the heavens

notes: right around 90 minutes. spring came early, so i needed to make a somewhat-bratty mix to celebrate, apparently. title from the ladyfinger (ne) song on side b.

listen at 8tracks: part one | part two | part three
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