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side a:
1. the good life - album of the year
2. john vanderslice - keep the dream alive
3. arcade fire - we exist
4. blondie - rapture
5. the cure - a night like this
6. crooked fingers - you must build a fire
7. bob dylan - don't think twice, it's all right
8. david bowie - "heroes" [single version]
9. cold war kids - skip the charades
10. the world/inferno friendship society - cats are not lucky creatures

side b:
1. rainer maria - catastrophe
2. oingo boingo - it only makes me laugh [1988 boingo alive version]
3. the gossip - standing in the way of control
4. pj harvey - good fortune
5. metric - synthetica
6. the world/inferno friendship society - me v. angry mob
7. the national - lemonworld
8. death cab for cutie - soul meets body
9. cold war kids - bulldozer
10. the beatles - i'll follow the sun
11. spoon - got nuffin

notes: close to 90 minutes. because everyone can use a little late-spring optimism, right? maybe your apartment minorly flooded and you still haven't fully recovered from last month's case of bronchitis from hell, but that doesn't mean everything is awful ... right?

listen at 8tracks.
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