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1. emily jane white - wild tigers i have known
2. nick cave & the bad seeds - messiah ward
3. blonde redhead - will there be stars
4. emily haines & the soft skeleton - detective daughter
5. spoon - the ghost of you lingers
6. voxtrot - ghost
7. cibelle - green grass
8. st. vincent & the national - sleep all summer
9. the rosebuds - woods
10. beirut - forks & knives (la fĂȘte)
11. songs: ohia - the ocean's nerves
12. my brightest diamond - lucky
13. colin meloy - jack the ripper
14. tom waits - yesterday is here
15. the world/inferno friendship society - we will never run into one another on trains
16. the weakerthans - aside
17. victory at sea - no such thing as hearts
18. crooked fingers - wrecking ball

notes: 76ish minutes. you ever have a feeling of homesickness, only for a person instead of a place? that's kind of what i was going for in this mix. gift for a friend who's moving out of state soon. (digital version; mostly mp3 with a few m4a format in a zip file.)


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